Post it Note on Food

Cooking turned into a treasure hunt!

I have a lovely fiance. The best in the world. Ever…

She’s not looking? What? You think I only say that because I think she reads this blog? Tsk, you think so little of me.

Today muj milachku (my sweetheart) cooked a lovely czech breakfast. Think of a mushroom omelette – you know eggs + mushrooms. Well this breakfast was best described as mushrooms with egg. Delicious! I deserved it too, answering an emergency call to cover someones sickness at the museum. For dinner we had a lovely pasta, cheese and tomato sauce she does. I am definitely spoilt.

Get to the point? Hmpth. Work on your manners please. We came up with an idea for a game whilst cooking. We call it Gastric Treasure Hunting!

It works like this. You leave a series of notes on pans, pots, ingredients in cupboards and freezers etc. So your partner doesn’t know what they are making until they serve it up.

There’s a twitter version too: one person tweets an ingredient, others respond adding ingredients (that work) till the recipe is stopped. Building new meals piece by piece over social media eh? Okay it may be a bit wacky but the original idea certainly has legs and we’re likely to do something this week. I’ll tweet the results!