Introducing Micka, Vysocina Diaries Mascot!

Say Meow to our new mascot!

Meet Micka, a czech name pronounced ‘Mitska’, the new mascot for the Vysocina Diaries. Mitzy, as she is fondly called, has spent so much time recently interfering with efforts to update the blog that we thought we would put her to good use as the public face of the diary.

Over the years Mr and Mrs Vysocina have had a few cats but none compare to the oddball that is Micka. At different times thinking she is a horse, a dog or a small child the way she behaves she drives us mad with her idiosyncracies. If, dare we say it, she does something naughty, you need only look at her and she flees like some misbehaving kid.

She has also developed a habit of climbing into bed and wrapping her front paws round your neck whilst your sleeping. A friendly hug or something more sinister?

Recently she has adopted a twig and treats it with such reverence and dedication that she has inspired a new picture story series coming soon to the Vysocina Diaries so keep an eye out for ‘Mitzy & Twiggy’.