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Post it Note on Food

Cooking turned into a treasure hunt!

I have a lovely fiance. The best in the world. Ever…

She’s not looking? What? You think I only say that because I think she reads this blog? Tsk, you think so little of me.

Today muj milachku (my sweetheart) cooked a lovely czech breakfast. Think of a mushroom omelette – you know eggs + mushrooms. Well this breakfast was best described as mushrooms with egg. Delicious! I deserved it too, answering an emergency call to cover someones sickness at the museum. For dinner we had a lovely pasta, cheese and tomato sauce she does. I am definitely spoilt.

Get to the point? Hmpth. Work on your manners please. We came up with an idea for a game whilst cooking. We call it Gastric Treasure Hunting!

It works like this. You leave a series of notes on pans, pots, ingredients in cupboards and freezers etc. So your partner doesn’t know what they are making until they serve it up.

There’s a twitter version too: one person tweets an ingredient, others respond adding ingredients (that work) till the recipe is stopped. Building new meals piece by piece over social media eh? Okay it may be a bit wacky but the original idea certainly has legs and we’re likely to do something this week. I’ll tweet the results!

Flags in Prague in shadow

Flags cast into shadow by the morning sun... new hope in an old world.

To fittingly open up the Vysočina Diaries after some renovations behind the scenes I thought I would symbolically raise the flags by sharing a photograph I took in February 2008, in Prague. I hope to dig through my albums and share a host of photographs of cities, seas and countrysides as the weeks go by.

Themes of Interest

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