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This Friday gone marked the release of Christopher Nolan’s latest epic blockbuster, INCEPTION. A film about a team who work for shadowy corporations stealing secrets from within the minds of victims. They also offer the opposing security services and are challenged to do the opposite of stealing – they’re asked to plant an idea in a mind.

It is a wonderful scifi plot grounded at its heart in the guilt of Leonardo Dicaprio’s character. The work is big, loud, dark… And wonderfully intricate.

Nolan has been tagged the new Alfred Hitchcock by mainstream press for a reason. His cerebral filmaking has reached such a mass popularity and critical acclaim as to make him the number one man in Hollywood.

INCEPTION, as wildly enjoyable and compelling as it is will probably not make the money of The Dark Knight. Nor should it. No built in audience (besides growing Nolanites ala Hitchcock fans) and an insanely complex idea that it will probably turn off some people who fail to grasp the intricacies and concepts at play. Still, I will be renting it for a second viewing when its out.

INCEPTION is also somewhat a love letter from Nolan to cinema and film making in general. Think of it. The film features a man projecting images, ideas into another mans mind and manipulating him in the process. Is this not what the auteur, the film maker-artist does? When he writes a script, shoots a film and projects it on screen he is taking you to another reality, a dream, in your mind where he plays with ideas and concepts. Trivial, revolutionary. The final moments of the film (careful choice of words follows to prevent spoiler) when the plane lands and Leo steps off is also perhaps a metaphor for the cerebral, complex high quality film making of decades past finally arriving back to Hollywood.

I could go on and dissect it more thoroughly. The media student in me demands it but that would mean spoilers. Therefore, I encourage you instead to go and see it and endorse this supremely talented film maker at the height of his powers.

In terms of a review, this gets 3 Bells out of 3. Ding dong!


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