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I understand that I may be coming to this debate late, and indeed you may have seen the following arguments mentioned elsewhere. However, with the international release of the iPad recently and the start of what promises to be a price war in the ereader market my interest has been renewed.

Mr Vysocina wants to spend some money.

Amazon’s Kindle is now retailing at $189 which my nifty app tells me is equivalent to £125.50. One of the biggest issues over ereaders has been entry cost. The technology, especially e-ink is perfect and is being delivered in styles and forms that are appreciable. The $489 price of the larger Kindle would cause any but the most die hard to balk at. However the magical £100 mark for us in the UK is almost reached by the smaller Kindle and psychologically it makes the device suddenly accessible. The latest software update including social media integration also added a powerful second use for the kindles global wireless network. All those literary bloggers can now review on the fly. Further provisions for email/basic blogging would round the device out. However as a reading device, the massive catalog of books and use of e-ink makes it perfect for purpose.

Now hold on you say: Why buy a kindle when I can buy an iPad and not only read books but watch movies, search the wider web and listen to music?

Good point. The iPad is of course more expensive but has so many other bells and whistles that it could best be described as a consumers device. All media, in one place. More ability to create content (emails, bloggage, social media) than Kindle also gives it some clout. The Kindle software is even available on it. Buy an iPad, use Kindle on it! Best of both worlds.

The problem which I have always come back to has been glare. The failure of the ipad to deal with glare to me makes its ibooks a bit of a gimmick. On the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader etc the e-ink technology means you can read in the sun at the park. You can’t do that on an iPad to the same quality.

So which device will I be buying in the great Kindle vs iPad war?


Not to show off, but I think they both have different uses. I will get a Kindle first as I have rediscovered my love of reading recently thanks to a history book I reviewed here recently and HG Wells ‘The Time Machine’. Later I will buy the iPad. 75% of what I and Mrs Vysocina do on a computer the iPad does faster and more conveniently. That’s the purpose of the technology and I am happy to embrace it.

Where do you stand in the Kindle/iPad debate?


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