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Introducing Micka, Vysocina Diaries Mascot!

Say Meow to our new mascot!

I had not been planning to make another blog post this week due to other commitments however something my fiancé was looking at inspired me to get a quick one out to you. If you haven’t already seen Simons Cat I highly recommend you head on over to the website to watch this adorable, hilarious cartoon about a man and his hungry cat. Its won many awards and has had millions of views on YouTube and even has its own book in stores. If you love cats and share in my sense that cats maybe a little more intelligent than they are letting on then you are sure to love this cartoon.

As for the photograph above. That was taken last summer when our new ‘kitten’ arrived from the rescue centre. Poor thing was maybe 5-6 months old and already pregnant (!), when it was in the vets getting its bits done they discovered the kittens too late. Poor girl. My fiancé who is czech had the pleasure of naming her and she got the name Micka. Based on czech grammar, when we call her over its Micko, and my parents call her Mitsy. Wonderful thing is that the last couple of months she responds instantly to her name now and I can’t remember that ‘recognition’ moment with my previous cats. I plan on uploading a Micka page on here describing her antics. She’ll serve as both mascot and guard.. puss… for the blog. Keep them nasty hackers at bay.


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