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Late last week I informed readers that I worked the fancy boots opening talk by artist Anish Kapoor and engineer Cecil Balmond at the MIMA for their new sculpture called TENEMOS.

I promised I would provide a few photographs for you all to see what the great hubbub was about. After I finished teaching on Monday the weather was so wonderful I decided to take a walk around Middlehaven and snap a few photographs and take a little video. Tenemos looks big from a distance, and its scale is rather overwhelming when you get under it and look up. Just as the Angel of the North has been accepted, I think this might after a period of scepticism by the locals. It is certainly a structure that needs to be experienced and not just judged on a few photo’s. So pop along and take some time to consider it.

Note: video was too large to upload on blackberry. Will add it when I have internet access from computer


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